The Scoring System | Metro 10 Road Race

The Scoring System

The Metro 10 Scoring System 2017 and beyond…

Our goal has always been to simplify the scoring system so everyone can understand it and keep track of it in real time. We have finally settled on a simple system based on 10 available points and tiebreakers.

The ten categories are as follows:

  • 10 Mile Male Winner
  • 10 Mile Female Winner
  • 5 Mile Male Winner
  • 5 Mile Female Winner
  • 10 Mile Male Average
  • 10 Mile Female Average
  • 5 Mile Male Average
  • 5 Mile Female Average
  • 5 Mile Walk Winner (Not Gender Specific)*
  • 5 Mile Walk Average*

The tiebreakers are as follows:
1. Most Course records broken
2. Total Average of each team

* For competition purposes any person who registered for the run and drops below a 16:00/mile pace you will count in the walk category. For those registered for the walk, any walkers pace that goes above 14:00/mile pace is pushed into the run category.

Any person that does not finish the race due to fatigue or injury will not be counted against the overall score. Everybody has a bad day, if you need to pull yourself off the course don’t worry about it.

To sum it up, six points wins, and every runner and walker’s time counts.

Here are the 2017 Results: